Welcome to the Seventeenth Circuit Juvenile Office


Welcome to the 17th Circuit JO where we offer a variety of services and information for our local community in the Cass County and Johnson County area. Our goal is to provide services to the youth of the community in an enjoyable and creative environment. We strive to help youth and their families learn and grow together to become productive members of society! The 17th Circuit Juvenile Office aides in prevention, intervention and protection services for children, families and the community. We work closely with social service agencies, law enforcement, schools and the general public to address child abuse and neglect, delinquent offenses, and status offenses by youth.

Our Mission Statement


"Building strong families and capable children while ensuring justice in our community and community in our justice."

The child welfare policy of this state is what is in the best interest of the child.

Meet Our Team

Jenay Barker - Chief Juvenile Officer (Seventeenth Circuit)

Claude Owen - Chief Deputy Juvenile Officer (Johnson County)

Amanda Squires - Chief Deputy Juvenile Officer (Cass County)

Heather Hicks - Detention Superintendent

Debbie Gott - Assistant Detention Superintendent 

Frances Bracken - Office Manager

Katrina Franklin - Public Relations Coordinator

Jessica Huttinger - Child Abuse & Neglect Supervisor (Cass County)

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of classes do you offer?

We offer classes such as Respect, Decision Making, Life Skills and Young Women's Group. Contact our office to ask about our classes available to your child!

Does my child need to be referred to the Juvenile Office to attend classes?

Yes, referrals can come from the child's school, a law enforcement officer, Children's Division or parents can fill out a parent voluntary statement requesting services for their child.

Where can I find more information?

You can find more information by contacting our office by phone or email below.

Cass.JO@courts.mo.gov        816-380-8475

Johnson.JO@courts.mo.gov 660-422-7418