Youth Court 

Cass County Youth Court is a peer court. Low-level, fist-time offenders are given the choice of appearing before the Youth Court or going to the Cass County Juvenile Office. Youth Court is a diversionary program and there will be no formal record of their involvement if they successfully complete the program. Through Youth Court, juvenile defendants are tried, judged, defended, and convicted or exonerated by a court of their peers. Youth Court guidelines and sentencing options are established and supervised by adult attorneys, judges, and Juvenile Office staff. All Youth Court sessions are overseen by adults; however, the youths selected to serve on the court will make the final decisions. All cases heard in Youth Court are genuine juvenile cases involving alleged criminal activity. The goal of Youth Court is to reduce incidents of juvenile delinquency and misconduct, while diverting youth from the Juvenile Justice System. This unique court serves our community by helping youths to better understand laws and allows them to examine the working of the justice system.

For more information for our Youth Court Program or to become a volunteer in Youth Court, please see the attached documents below!