Class Information & Descriptions

There are several different classes offered by the Juvenile Offices of the Seventeenth Circuit to the kids that are on supervision through our offices. All classes are designed to help your child learn different skills, understand how their actions have consequences, how to be more respectful towards others and much more! 


Each class is an hour long. The dates and times for each class vary by county and at this time, they are only for kids on supervision through the Juvenile Office. For more information regarding our classes, please see the Contact Us page and ask us your questions!


See below for each class offered and a description of what is taught. Any questions on a certain class, please contact us!

Anger Management/Conflict Resolution

The Anger Management and Conflict Resolution class is a behavior modification class to assist juveniles in resolving conflicts peacefully, and dealing with their anger in a healthy way.

Decision Making

The Decision-Making class will provide information to juveniles regarding how to make decisions by using a three-step decision-making model. The Decision-Making class is based on the decision-making segments in the Life Skills Training by Gilbert J. Bovine, Ph.D., with portions from the EQUIP Program. 

Drug and Alcohol Intervention

The Drug and Alcohol Intervention Class will address triggers to substance use, the trigger-thought-craving-use cycle, and how to be accountable for your choices.

Law Related Education

The Law Related Education class is intended to educate juveniles about the American legal system, including their rights and responsibilities under the law. Consequences for breaking the law are also explored.

Life Skills

The Life skills class is full of skill building processes to promote success beyond school.


The Respect Class is a class that assists juveniles in developing appropriate social boundaries, cultural sensitivity, and responses to authority.

Young Men's Group

The Young Men's Group classes cover a variety of topics over six separate sessions that include Safety, Self-Esteem, Emotions, Body Image, Relationships & Sex, and Communication.

Young Women's Group

The Young Women's Group classes cover a variety of topics over six separate sessions that include Safety, Self-Esteem, Emotions, Communication, Drama & Relationships, and Romantic Relationships.